It’s alive!

He’s still in the belly, though.

Kevin has gotten hooked on repeatedly henna-ing my belly. That’s OK because I’m quite happy watching movies in the evening, just sitting there while he paints away.

And Duncan seems to enjoy it too — pushing his butt out when Kevin paints on the left side of my belly, pushing out his feet on the right, and sometimes just generally squirming around.

So, here, I offer Duncan’s first home movie. The movie playing in the background is The Station Agent, in case your curious.

Baby in the belly (about 3 MB)
(Note: I’m holding my breath, all the movement is coming from within.)
You need QuickTime player to view this movie. It’s a free download.

Now I’m going for a walk and I’m not coming home until I have a baby or it starts raining, whichever comes first.