I wish there were an emoticon to express the mixture of amusement, happiness and glee I feel right now.

A good friend wrote to me about something in my last post (OK, it was the naturist part) and somehow I managed to talk him into starting a blog of his own: Skydancer’s Threads.


He’s a good writer and has some interesting things to say, so I encouraged him to say them online where more people can read them. ::shrug:: It’ll probably mean trouble somehow, but that seems to be what I’m headed into these days. Not bad trouble, but maybe being more OK with being me even though I know that will piss off some people.

I’ve always been an individual and stuck out from my peers. I liked it, and revelled in it, all the while wanting people to like me at the same time. After reaching a breaking point where being individual and following my own path got a little too uncomfortable, I found myself become someone that virtually everyone on the planet will eventually like, at least somewhat. I’ve learned some valuable people skills (while still being genuine). I can talk to virtually anyone and not piss them off.

But sometimes I don’t say things that I want to say. Often I curb my behaviour and my words to keep the peace, avoid conflict and consequence. And while that’s a necessary thing to function as a member of society, I’m finding that maybe I’m OK with not being part of mainstream society quite so much. The fringe is a more comfortable place for me in the sense that I get to be more at ease with myself. It’s less comfortable in that sometimes you do get buffeted by those who think everyone belongs in the mainstream.

So I’m finding that it might ultimately be easier speak my mind, stand my ground, and be at peace inside, even if that creates external conflict with people who don’t agree. There’s less money in it, but… ::shrug::