I’ll take a separate bed, please

Co-sleeping seemed like such a good idea at 3:40 a.m. We could just drift off to sleep together and have some cuddle time.

Or Duncan could squirm and headbut me in the back for three hours until I finally put him in his crib and turned on the mobile so I could get a few minutes rest by myself.

The best advice I’ve read or received about parenting is to do what works for you, what feels right for you, what rings true.

The best stuff I’ve read about sleeping – either with your baby or not – emphasizes that different things work best for different families. Some mums and babies sleep better when they sleep together. Some don’t.

Guess which group we fall into?

One thought on “I’ll take a separate bed, please

  1. My wife and I tried letting our son sleep in bed with us also (he’s now almost 1 year old), and had a very similar experience. It must work for somebody out there, I guess.

    He was in his crib in his own room from 3 months on, though he would only sleep in his crib if he was swaddled tightly. Finally broke that habit at around 5 months.

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