So I’m writing a book — about life and blogging and things (hey, I can’t tell you, it’d be no fun when you actually got to read it). And I’m bribing myself. Every time I write a certain amount of pages, I get to buy myself something. I’m not sure what the certain amount is, yet. It just seems like enough at a certain point. And I’ve only gotten 2 rewards so far: the new Tori Amos CD (Scarlet’s Walk) and 3 guppies (two of whom are pregnant).

So the reason you’re not reading this post is because I want to find a better way to determine what the “certain amount of pages” is. A book on writing I once read said that if you write 3 pages a day, in 90 days (just 3 months), you’ll have your first draft written. But 3 pages of what? 12 point, single-line arial? Or Geneva? Or Times? Or double-spaced with 2 inch margins? Or???
So this is what I found out for manuscript formatting. Don’t read this:

Double spaces, 1 inch margins, 12 point font. Courier. No extra line between paragraphs. Indent 1 tab or 5 spaces. Scene break with a #. Ragged right margins. Don’t use ital. Underline instead. NO CAPS.

Page 1 format:
in top left

Approx # words in top right.

Title 1/2 way down,
by Silandara Bartlett underneath

page 2 and onwards:
Bartlett – title of book – page # in top right corner

At the end:
(just to be clear)