I would blog, but…

You were starting to believe I’d blog every day, weren’t you?

Yeah, me too.

Then Real Life crept back in. What’s with that? Berry has a cold, Duncan slept in really late this morning so he’s refusing to take a nap, Kevin has been sick all morning. So, even though the sitter has been here, I’ve gotten 10 minutes of billable work done. That was right before lunch. It’s not good when your morning’s work is reduced to being counted by the minute.

Berry is finally napping. Duncan is talking to his teddy bears and being stubborn. But at least he’s contained in his room. I’m in my office wondering if I should get into a project or not before I’m inevitably interrupted again.

I was going to write last night before bed about some insights I gleaned from watching Oprah and Eckhart Tolle on the web cast Monday night (thanks for calling to remind me, Mum). But after being woken up multiple times by everyone in the house (Duncan somehow fell out of bed at 4 am, Kevin was up puking and repeatedly pulling the covers off me), I’m not sure my brain is up to depth and eloquence.

Basically, it was this:

I’m doing better than I think in the spiritual awareness aspect of my life. Listening to people who seem to know what they’re talking about helps me realize that and deepen my connections. Good stuff.

During the web cast, Eckhart (I’m sure he’d be OK with us being on a first name basis) answered a woman’s question about how to keep her young children from identifying too much with their ego. He said that children have to learn what things are called, but that you can tell them, “That is called an oak tree,” rather than “That is an oak tree.” Because the tree is more than the label of “oak tree.”

It reminded me of the difference in French and English with how we refer to what a person is called. In English, we say, “My name is Joanna.” In French, “Je m’appelle Joanna,” means “They call me Joanna.” Meaning that it’s what people call me, it’s not who I am.