I want…! I want…! The birthday wish lists

Duncan and Berry have learned all about presents and how to clamor for stuff they suddenly and deeply want and cannot live without one moment longer. Mostly this happens in Target.

My response has become to say that I’ll put it on their birthday wish list. Now everything is a request to put on the birthday list. *sigh*

Berry’s birthday is coming up. In case you’d like some ideas of what to get her (should you want to get her anything, you’re certainly under no obligation at all to do so), here goes:

  • Games for the Wii
  • Sparkly coloring pens
  • Summer clothes in 4T – short-sleeved, skorts, t-shirts, shorts, etc.
  • Hair bows
  • Puzzles (more than 25 pieces, less than 100)
  • Educational games that she can manipulate and get ready to play herself
  • Movies – specifically involving Dora and/or princesses

Her current favorites are:

  • Color: pink
  • Animal: probably cats/kitties, also puppies and penguins
  • Adornment: sparkles and bows
  • Characters: Dora, Hello Kitty and Disney princesses

Clothing sizes:

  • Shoe size: 9 1/2.
  • Clothing: 4T

Lest Duncan feel left out, here’s his info:

Clothing sizes:

  • Clothing: Currently in a 5/6, going into a 6
  • Shoes: size 1 boys
  • Needs: Summer clothes – mostly shorts and PJs. He’d really like pink clothes, preferably with Dora on them


  • Colors: pink and blue
  • Characters: Dora. Dora. And Dora. She has eclipsed Minnie Mouse.
  • Things he’s into:
    Duncan likes figuring out how things work, whether it’s the human body or the lock on the back door. He likes gears, marbles and cuddly toys. He spends hours drawing intricate musical gas pumps and weather machines – so more construction paper would be great. Especially if it has Dora on it.