I took my kids to work today

In celebration of Take Your Sons and Daughters to Work Day, I brought Duncan and Berry with me to work before taking them to school. I figured I could last an hour of them running around the office, raising a ruckus and reducing productivity.

After Duncan was born and while I was still on maternity leave, I brought him into my office once or twice. Everyone loves a baby visit and is quite happy to stop what they’re doing to ooh and ahh over your little one. A 3- and 4-year-old? Well… actually, everyone was very nice and friendly and pleased to see little people running about.

First we stopped at my office, mostly to get my mug to get a cup of tea. Then it was off to Adam’s cubicle to explore his plants and unicorn trapped in a jar (what you, don’t have one of those?).

Berry “helped” the plants by moving some soil around:

She also uprooted a tomato seedling. And played with other co-worker’s toys:

(Duncan has Minnie Mouse because it’s mammal week at school and they can bring in “mammals” to share – Berry has a unicorn, Duncan has a mouse).

We went upstairs to take a tour of the main Foundation office (which they found unimpressive until they saw the executive director’s office which they immediately ran into and ran around) and then back to my office for some coloring:

Then it was time to herd them to the car to take them to school.