I dream of babies

I woke up last night from a dream where I gave birth to our baby. She’s always a girl in my dreams.

I was at a hospital somewhere in New York City – I remember all the traffic outside the window down below. There were lots of rooftops as well. The date was Monday, June 2. She was born at 1 p.m. It had been sunny and bright earlier in the day, but turned blustery and cold and rainy. Grey.

Kevin and my mum were there, somehow, but only the midwife and I were in the room. I don’t remember the labor, but I remember holding her in my arms for the firs time. She was huge – like a 3-month-old already. And she had a full set of teeth.

As I held her – we decided to call her Patty, which even in the dream I didn’t really like – she started talking to me. She was telling me things about life, secrets that the rest of us didn’t know, scientific formulas and all kinds of things. And somehow, our conversation was being recorded on a computer or a note pad or something. But the midwife thought it was me doing all the talking, not the baby.

A couple of people came in to check her out and make sure everything was OK – a dentist came in to look at her teeth and he told me that her 2 front teeth were buck teeth – one was a little wider/thicker than the other. But I said she has my teeth (which aren’t buck teeth, by the way, but apparently looked the same in the dream). The other doctor…I think he did a general check up. And in between she kept talking to me.

I kept telling her that I love her.

Kevin woke up to pee at the same time I did from the dream and so I had to tell him all about it – apparently keeping him awake longer than he desired (this I learned this morning ;). But I kept remembering more and more details as I lay there and I wanted to hold on to the feeling of the dream and remember it still today.