I bought a car on ebay

Well, we bought a car. I couldn’t have – and wouldn’t have – done it without Kevin. I feel very fortunate to have a mechanically inclined man around to confidently kick the tires and take a look in the engine (and actually know what he’s looking at).

I always looked in the engine of any used car I bought. I made noises – uh huh, hmmm, um, yep, that looks OK – like I knew what I was doing. Like a doctor, really. Never told anyone what I was looking for. I inspected the tread on the tires, carefully went over the body for signs of rust, took it for a test drive to “check the wheel alignment.” Yeah.

This time I just looked at pictures and clicked a “bid” button. 😉 Much easier. And less stressful. Especially given that I didn’t have to drive to Maryland to pick it up. Yep, Maryland. 6-7 hours drive, I think. I don’t know as I wasn’t there. I was asleep most of the time, as Kevin left in the wee morning hours on Tuesday.

He got home Tuesday afternoon, said everything went OK. The dealer even traded in the old beater he drove down there that we were planning on donating to the kidneys (the Kidney Foundation). Less hassle that way. We got $5 for it.

So now we have a 98 Subaru Legacy wagon – the perfect mum-mobile for a mini-van holdout. I don’t think a minivan would fit in our driveway, anyway. It runs OK. It goes to get inspected Tuesday morning. We think it needs a new wheel bearing. It’s been a well-loved car. But for what we paid, it’s in pretty good shape and a good $1500 less than if we’d bought it locally.

She doesn’t have a name yet, though. Or he. Hmmm.