So it’s spring time, but still snowing. That was just wrong to have to wake up this morning (after being up late redesigning the Genesee Land Trust web site) and see snow on the neighbour’s roof. And to see snow outside my office window (I know, be thankful I HAVE an office window) as I run back and forth to the printer, babysitting it as it slowly prints CD labels for press packets for an event on Friday.

Out of paper.

At some point, the tradeoff between doing work I don’t have to think so much about, and for which I don’t have to remind my brain how to write, and the frustration of doing mindless work becomes not worth it. I’d rather be thinking than printing labels for someone else’s project.

In any case, I had lunch and I’m still hungry. Because I’m on a diet. Why? Why would my svelte self want to look a little leaner? I have 3 weddings to go to this year, one of which is mine. (the pictures are few months old, by the way. I just want to look like that again) I’ll also be travelling a lot and sitting down a lot and I’ve realized that it’s just not comfortable to do that in my jeans right now. So I’m back to being hungry and logging food consumption and earning activity points. 2 lbs so far and I forgot to weigh myself this morning. But I did clean out all the chocolate from my office (and made a smiley face with it on the kitchen counter for other people to binge on) and replaced it with applesauce and diced peaches (in juice, not syrup ;).

Wish me luck. I’m so hungry. I actually refused cookies at the local neighborhood association meeting last night.