When I moved over the Word Press (from Blogger) a good long while ago, I decided not to import all of my blog posts. I had a presumably good reason for it at the time. Not sure what it was now.

However, now I’d like those posts to be here. And now I can’t re-import them from Blogger. (I imported them originally and then I guess I deleted them, but they’re still in my old Blogger account.)

So. That’s what I’ve been doing in the blogging world for the last two days. Trying to figure out how to get them over here in the least complicated fashion. I have not been successful.

Most of that time has been spent deleting posts on Blogger that I did keep on this blog. One. By. One. Usually with Duncan tugging at my arm, trying to take the mouse from me, or persuading me to let him have a turn at the computer. The boy loves the computer.

I tried creating another Word Press blog, but that didn’t work. So I think I’m going to have to create a blog on a different service that will let me import posts from Blogger that I can then import into this blog. Sounds like fun, eh?

I also have a bunch of actual (i.e. billable) work in the queue, which makes fiddling around with old blog posts from 2005 seem…um…silly?

4 thoughts on “Humdrum

  1. Silandara,

    The normal Manage > Import > Blogger isn’t working, even after clearing your account information within that interface? Do you get the “nothing was imported” message?

  2. Yes, that’s the message I get. My blog shows up, but doesn’t import. It shows 0/0 posts to import. Any ideas?

  3. The “Clear account information” is working great for me. I press that, then reauthorize, and WordPress says 0/3 Posts and 0/1 Comments have been imported. I’ve done a few tests and it’s good about not duplicating posts, and pulling in new posts or posts I’ve deleted since the last import.

    0/0 Posts would indicate that you gave your WordPress blog access to Blogger, but it didn’t find any posts. That second number should match the number of posts in your Blogger account. Are your old posts definitely still in Blogger?

  4. The old posts are definitely still in Blogger. I think the problem is that I did import them originally, but then deleted them (in WordPress). Blogger doesn’t offer any kind of exporting option, which is quite sucky, and reminds me of why I switched to WordPress to begin with.

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