How to peel a hard boiled egg – use your hands

My mum sent me a link to the “Four Hour Work Week” guy peeling a hard boiled egg by blowing through a hole in the top. It sounded very interesting.

I buy free range organic eggs, usually directly from the farmers (rather than the supermarket). Their yolks are so rich they’re almost orange, they taste delicious and they’re very fresh. Being very fresh makes them hard to peel. So any technique that will help me retain the most egg — instead of the outer layer of white staying stuck to the shell — sounds good to me.

Of course, I had to immediately try this out. We had 4 eggs left in the fridge, so egg salad sandwiches for lunch it was.

I put the eggs in cold water and set it to boil. I then promptly went back to whatever work I was doing and forgot about them until the sitter reminded me. Not to worry. I turned them off, put them into cold water and added some baking soda.

A few minutes later, we all gathered around as I attempted to make little holes in either end and blow the egg out of it’s shell.

No go.

I assure you that I blew well and hard. I created suction around the top of the egg (and got little bits of shell in my mouth. Yum). The egg did separate a little from the shell. But they didn’t pop out like in the video.

Oh well. They were much easier to peel the regular way, though (with your fingers). It’s the baking soda that does that trick — and a tip I will remember for every subsequent hard boiled egg I make. So I learned something useful after all.