How the intracontinental packing is going

People keep asking me how the packing is going. I confess, I haven’t been doing a lot. What I have been doing a lot of is finishing up work projects, working out logistics for the move (two families, 5 people – moving company booked, flights booked, hotel booked for arrival night, rental car booked, etc.) and looking for a place to live once we get to Eugene.

I’m also going through old files and getting rid of everything we can so that we have less to move across the country. Plus searching for jobs, enjoying the summer weather and spending time with the kiddos — I’m certainly not bored.

Looking through my old files that I have, for some reason, kept for the last 15+ years brings back old memories. Handwritten letters from my Dad that I cried while re-reading (and dried my eyes to e-mail the latest about our plans), old work contacts, pay stubs from my first full-time job as a journalist (I got a $0.65/hour raise. Woo hoo!).

It doesn’t bring back all the memories, though. Who was Ed Fink and why did I write him a check for $20 in the summer of 2000? And what did I spend all that money on at Target?

Those old checks go in the shredder. Along with piles of other papers.

My shredding policy is that anything that has my social security number, bank accounts, financial information or anything that could be used to steal my identity goes in the shredder. This creates reams of shredding. I am now on my second shredder, having burned out the first one. While I do recycle the paper, I’m not sure how environmentally friendly this practice is turning out to be.

My preferred double-top-secret identity protecting method is to then put the shredded paper in one of the compost bins behind the garage. Generally we have enough “green” compost matter to make adding some paper OK. But not enough for all that I’m generating at the moment. Plus I worry about the ink in the compost. My old checks “printed on recycled paper with soy-based inks” will be OK, but all the bank statements?

We did a lot of packing before we put the house on the market, but there’s definitely more to do. Plus we still have a bunch of furniture items to sell or give away. And then there’s that house to rent, job to find, school to enroll the kids in….*sigh* better get back to it. The shredder should have cooled down by now. 🙂

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  1. Do you know if it makes a difference if you use a strip cut or crosscut paper shredder for composting?

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