How often does a 2-year-old pee?

I don’t know the answer to my question.

At one point I would have said about every hour. That’s how long it’s safe to go without a diaper in between trips to the potty.

Yes, we’re taking trips to the potty.

Then I would have said 15 minutes after he last peed in the potty. Because that’s how long he went diaper-free before peeing all over my new shoes.

Today, I’d say it’s right after we put the pull-up diaper back on after sitting on the potty. Because he won’t pee in the potty anymore. He says it’s hot. We don’t know what that means. Does it mean it hurts? That his pee is too warm and it freaks him out? Perhaps he has no idea what the word “hot” actually means. Does he have a UTI? Was I really supposed to be doing something special with his little intact penis that I haven’t been (even though the books say not to)?

What I do know is that he has amazing bladder control. The boy can sit on that potty for ages without peeing, start to pee and immediately stop himself and jump up declaring, “All done pee-pee!” And then, if you don’t put a diaper on, he still doesn’t pee. Even after ANOTHER trip to the potty. It’s only when the diaper goes back on that he unleashes.

He always was a bit unfathomable.

So that’s what’s going on in our lives at the moment. We’re taking a bit of a potty break (one that doesn’t involve sitting on the potty), trying to figure out if there’s something physically wrong with him that’s hurting when he does pee (he also grabs at his diaper when peeing), reassessing and trying not to appear frustrated.

I did ask him at bathtime last night if his pee-pee hurts. He said yes. So maybe it does. But then, as I was putting him to bed, he informed me that I have ants in my nose and bees in my ears… so you never can quite trust what the toddler says.

4 thoughts on “How often does a 2-year-old pee?

  1. Yeah. Kids often say what they think you want to hear. Or they take the first convenient excuse that comes along. That said, I would have him tested for a UTI. Just rule it out. I also assume he hasn’t spent a ton of time in a pool lately. (That can lower body skin temp and make pee feel hot.)

    Otherwise I’d make it fun for him – he and Daddy can play “sink the Cheerios” perhaps. Just standing up like Daddy might make a difference.

    We actually have a similar problem with #2, so I hear your frustration….

  2. Such a journey, and lives weave their ways forward my friend. Its good to see you grow and live and experience the world as you make your way through this life.
    spirits bless,

  3. I also have the same problem. My son is only 22 months and he was once potty trained. Just all of a sudden he decided to stop going. I would take him to the bath room and we would sit there for 10-20 minutes, but as soon as i put his diaper or pull up on he would let it flow!!! I soon realized that there was nothing wrong with him, he just thought that it was right to potty in his diaper instaed of his pooty chair. Some doctors say that children feel like doing #1 or #2 in the toliet is like losing something of theirs. So I got rid of the diaper and pull ups and went straight to underwear! I got the ones the had his favorite characters on it and I told him that Spiderman doesn’t like geeting wet so he had to pee pee potty in the toliet! It worked! If that doesn’t work then him just being wet will work. A diaper absorbs the pee so they don’t really feel it so feeling is always believing!!! Good Luck!

  4. My 2 year old daughter has that same amazing bladder control! She can sit on her potty for the longest periods of time, but not go. But within minutes of putting on a diaper she will be soaked. It’s definitely gratifying to see that some progress is being made.

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