How I became a freelancer

How did I get to be a freelancer, painfully procrastinating finishing a job? (If I finish this job, then I’ll have to get back to cold calling. So as painful it is to know I have work to do that I’m not getting to, the thought of cold calling is worse. I think.)

The short story is that I had a baby (Duncan) and didn’t want to put him in daycare. Or miss watching him grow up. And my former employer couldn’t/wouldn’t work out a part-time work-from-home arrangement (working part-time and partly working from home) so I left when Duncan was 6 months old. That was in January 2006.

I was then able to work out an excellent freelance arrangement with said former employer that served us both well. It was a great transition time as I got used to being self-employed and they found someone else to take care of their website. During that time, I became pregnant with baby #2 (Berry). It seemed like such a good idea at the time. Kidding. Mostly. I didn’t know I was signing up for 8 months of morning sickness and exhaustion.

Still, I worked through it, building up my client base. Work just kept flowing in.

Berry was born in April and I stopped taking on new jobs a month or two before she was due. I had some projects to finish up and wanted to make sure I had enough time to get them done. I work part-time. I felt crappy. I had limited work hours. I finished them. 🙂 Because I’m awesome like that.

Then she was born. And I started working again when she was 2 weeks old. My clients needed things done and I didn’t want to A) let them down and B) lose them. But I missed having the maternity leave I had with Duncan.

Berry is now 12 weeks old. Maternity leave is over! Well, it would be if I had a “regular job.” What I do love about self-employment is that I don’t have to go back to the office. Ever. My office is at home and I work while the kids are sleeping, or Kevin looks after them, or while the sitter/nanny is here. No daycare. Enough time to work. Now I just need more clients.

Towards the end of my pregnancy, I just wanted to speed through that part and the newborn part so I could get back to work and grow my business. So I could get on with things. Now I’m in the “getting on with things” stage and I’m…well, procrastinating. Go figure.

I will give myself a break and admit it’s a little more complex than that. Having a baby is an emotional journey, especially a couple of months postpartum when your hormones shift again and your hair starts falling out. I didn’t get the break I did after Duncan was born and I’ve had a lot more stressful things to deal with. So I think I’ve taken my maternity leave the last few weeks — still working, but not really.

But, hey, I’m multitasking in my procrastination. I’m blogging AND pumping.