Hot tea for Mummy

Quick story of the day before I get to work:

We’ve all picked up some dreaded sickness — a cold — somehow, that’s been keeping Duncan ill and cranky since Friday night.

Working from home, this means that I’ve been toddler tending more than working this week. Which is fine except 1) I don’t get paid and 2) I have a major deadline to meet. So work has been in the mornings during “Daddy daycare” (except when major cranky crying episodes neccessitate Mummy cuddles – it’s not like I can concentrate when there’s screaming going on, anyway), during naps and after he goes to bed at night.

Fun for me.

Naps have been cut short or woken up in the middle of this week. And by the time bedtime gets here, I’m wiped out — as I’ve got the sore throat/stuffy nose thing going on, too.

Anyway. That’s not the story of the day. Just me complaining.

The story of the day:

I was deciding out loud whether or not to make a cup of tea before I came upstairs to work. Hot tea = throat soothing + caffeine. I asked Kevin if he wanted any. Nope. I did, though. And Duncan came running up to me in the kitchen as I was pulling a mug out of the cupboard.

“Di doh!” (Duncanese for “Here you go.”) He handed me a little blue plastic tea cup from his kitchen set. What a sweet boy, making me pretend tea in the morning. 🙂

Just goes to show he’s really listening. To everything we say. He started saying “icky” this morning after I explained I was wiping the ickiness from his face after breakfast/sneezing. Great. He’s sure to be a literary genius now.