He must be taking cuteness lessons

I love my little goober. He’s such a cutie these days. A complete tyke and sometimes a slight terror, but oh-so-cute.

The other day he was giving me a run for my money and I was relieved when it was nap time. It was time for Kevin to get to bed, too, so I brought him upstairs so we could all have a little snuggle before putting Duncan in his crib and letting Kevin get some sleep.

Isn’t that the time when Duncan decides to finally give his parents kisses. He leans forward, puts his sweet drooly lips on mine and says, “Mwa!” Then pulls away and smiles, leans forward and does the same thing to Kevin. It was heart-meltingly cute. And completely won us over for another day or two of terrorizing Hobbes, jumping on the couch, pulling things off the dining room table and wanting to be held at the precise moment that you’re trying to do something else.

Tonight he just fell asleep in my arms, sucking a bottle dry (we’re supplementing as we slowly start to wean). He looked so content, worn out, happy to be snuggled next to me as he started snoring. (He’s got the stuffy nose remnants of a cold.)

He’s also starting to communicate more. I fed him chicken, bread and mashed potatoes for lunch today. He loved the chicken. Not so much the potatoes. Do you want more potatoes? I asked. Nope. Shook his head emphatically. Do you want more chicken? “Yeah.” With a smile. He ate more chicken.

Today before afternoon nap, we all hung out on the bed again. No kisses this time, but I asked him, “Do you love Mummy?”

“Yeah.” Nods and smiles.

“Do you love Daddy?”

“Yeah!” Very emphatic.

“We love you, too, honey.”

Boy, do we. This kid has stolen our hearts.