Hazel’s new toy – baby Duncan

I’m still full of turkey and sweet potato casserole. But I could use another slice of lemon meringue pie.

Thanksgiving was good.

Duncan got to meet his cousin, Hazel. She’s just over 2 months older than him, so she can do lots of cool things he hasn’t mastered yet. Like grab. And roll over. And “crawl” backwards on the floor.

This is a photo of their first meeting. Really, they liked each other and got along great. They’re both pretty mellow, fun babies. I just thought this photo, with Duncan appearing to try and get away and Hazel appearing to be doing a gimme-that-baby-toy, is quite funny.

And, of course, of the two babies, who was bigger? Hazel outweighed Duncan by a couple of ounces at birth. But at 4 months, he’s outweighing her by a few pounds. Go figure. I swear I’m not feeding him growth hormones.

No Thanksgiving celebration with babies would be complete without posing the babies next to the turkey. Apparently, this was also done with Kevin’s cousin Tim 20-something years ago. His Nanna insisted.

We thought putting the babies in a roasting pan next to the turkey would be a nice touch, but, alas, there were no spare pans big enough. So sitting on the counter top, side-by-side with the turkey had to suffice.

In the shot after this one, Duncan reached over (a trick learned from Hazel in just one afternoon) and grabbed for the turkey, managing to smear yummy juices all over his hand.

It was a fun time. The babies were enjoyed by all. As was the turkey. And on Friday we had pie for breakfast.