Hanging on and letting go


At Mum’s memorial service, Christopher told a story about her ability to hold onto things for years.

He used the example of yarn that she used in an airplane sweater that she knitted for him as a child. She carried that yarn all the way from England, to Barbados, to several houses in Florida all the way to Oregon over the years. And she used those same balls of yarn for the same sweater pattern thatbshe made for his son, her grandson last year.

I now have that yarn in my garage. I may need it for a sweater for my grandchildren…

My story about Mum holding onto things is about her curtain rod. It hung in her bedroom in England. It travelled to Florida, by way of Barbados to hold up her bedroom curtains for years. Then it came to Oregon, where it fit none of her windows, yet she still kept it.

And now? Now it’s in my car, the very last of her things to empty out from her house. It’s clean and vacant in there now. I said goodbye for one last time and shut the door. Time to go home, unload and see if it the blasted curtain rod fits in Berry’s room, where Mum’s curtains, that I made for her from bed sheets, now hang.

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  1. I think those are just awesome stories, Jo. I think I cry every time I read one of your posts. Such beautiful sentiments 🙂

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