Google’s antics

It’s been driving me insane that ever since I logged onto Google’s French version to send my mum some links to French websites, my Google homepage has been in French.

I like French. Really. But I don’t read it very well. And I don’t want to get French web sites in my search results.

Finally, today, I spied a little “preferences” link — it said something else, the French word for “preferences,” whatever that is, and I’m not turning it all French again to find out. So I clicked it. And found a list of languages I could have Google use. “Elmer Fudd” was among them. So of course I changed my default language to that.

And then I discovered “Bork, bork bork!” Since I had something I actually wanted to search for, I decided to change it to “Eeenglish” and will leave things there for the time being. Probably forever. But who knew you could have your search results delivered in Elmer-Fuddish? Not me.