Going gluten free

I have something of a love/hate relationship with modern medicine. I think we reach for antibiotics too readily, for example. And I would have prefered to have my babies at home or in a birthing center rather than the hospital. However, I’m also thankful that, in the event of a life-threatening emergency–or the need for hip surgery–it’s there to save the day.

So I’m not a huge fan of going to the doctor. While I have fibromyalgia, every possible test they run comes back in the normal range (OK, except for my Vitamin D level). And there’s no real medicine for fibromyalgia, no pill to pop for a magical cure. Sure, there’s Lyrica–but I have my misgivings about something that’s probably going to make me drowsy, sleepy and gain weight. I can do that without prescription meds!

At my last visit, much to my horror, my doctor suggested I try a gluten-free diet. I’ve done that before. A couple of times. And now I’m doing it again. And you know what? I do feel better. I guess I’ve got a love/hate relationship with gluten now, too. So long chewy, delicious comfort food. Oh, how I’ll miss you.

However, as with just about anything I do, I’m going gung-ho on gluten-free-ness. I’m currently working on a new website that will feature information on celiac disease (which I fortunately do not have), gluten intolerance and sensitivity (which I do have), recipes and reviews of books, good and restaurants. It’ll be up soon.

At least being gluten-free this time is a little easier than before (my last stint was in 2000-2001). There’s a lot more selection at the supermarket now. And thank God for Bob’s Red Mill, with their line of gluten-free flours and mixes. Plus, they just posted a recipe for gf brownies using almond meal flour (which I bought for making Christmas cookies and am not sure what to do with it now — it’s just been sitting in the freezer). It’s Berry’s birthday party on Saturday and while she’ll have a lovely gluten-full Elmo birthday cake to eat, I need something chocalatey to enjoy as well!

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  1. me and my sister are both allergic to Gluten and we were always on a gluten-free diet ever since we were teenagers. ‘

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