Girl birthday No. 3 = princess party supreme

All weekend I have tried to blog about Berry’s birthday party. Whenever I sit down at a computer, a small child begs to use it. Duncan informed me that I will have as many children as I have computers, so if I get 3 more computers, I’ll have 3 more children wanting to use them. I guess I’ll stick with the 2 I have. (The one at work doesn’t count, right? It’s not really mine.)

Saturday dawned. The work began. Not surprisingly, Berry wanted a princess-themed birthday party.

So, in the morning we began blowing up pink balloons. Lots and lots of them.

Then we made the cake:

And tasted the cake batter to make sure it was OK:

We assembled the princess coloring castle. (I wouldn’t let them color it until their friends arrived, which amazingly was a decree they abided by.)

During rest time, it was time to magically transform the cake from this (WARNING: Naked barbie):

Into this:

The guests arrived, bringing presents:

And everyone was ready to play. Inside:

And outside:

Party hats were made:

And cake was eaten:

Then it was time for the guest to go, taking their fabulous party favor bags with princess stickers, tattoos, hair clips and bracelets. Oh, and couple of chocolates. The prince and princess happily played with the princesses new loot until it was time for bed. And then got up and played more the next day.

If that wasn’t enough photos for you, there are more photos and a few videos Birthday photo album.

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  1. party hats are so cute that i have a collection of them~*;

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