Getting the garden started

This is a bit of a late post on what we did last weekend but, on Monday, Duncan was struck with the stomach flu. I was up all night with him, then got sick myself on Wednesday.

Wednesday night I got up in my weakened state to get a drink from the fridge and blacked out, collapsing on the floor, but not before squishing my face with the glass I was drinking from and bonking myself on the head. I have no memory of it, as I was already unconscious at the time.

It was very confusing to come around, lying on the cold, hard, wet floor (I was soaking in apple juice). I thought I’d fallen asleep somewhere. I ended up in Urgent Care yesterday as I went to work in the afternoon and was extremely dizzy. Fortunately, my brain isn’t bleeding. However, upon learning that I sometimes have an arrhythmic heart beat, I got to have an EKG and get to have some kind of Holter device strapped to me for a couple of days to check on my heart rhythm. Fun. I also have a very low resting heart rate, which doesn’t really surprise me, as everything else tends to be low as well – blood pressure, temperature, etc. Maybe my heart is just super healthy and efficient. Or maybe that’s why I blacked out.

What I was going to post about was our seed starting adventures last weekend. We don’t have much room in the garden here, but enough to grow some lettuce, arugula, etc. So, with Duncan and Berry’s enthusiastic help, we started seeds last weekend.

From 2010-02-February

It didn’t take them long to sprout on the kitchen window sill. This is how they look today.

From 2010-02-February

The ground is still too soggy to put them out any time soon – I need to work some compost into it that’s been brewing over the winter.

As our least is up mid-August, I won’t plant anything in the ground that won’t have ripened before it’s time to move out. I left a few dozen pounds of beautiful green tomatoes on the vines in Rochester when we moved. I’m told, by the new owner, that they were delicious. This time I’ll be putting them in pots.

More updates to follow soon. Some mysterious packages from grandparents arrived in the mail yesterday that the kids really enjoyed opening.