Getting ready to go back to school

My mommy friends were recently discussing getting their first-borns ready for Kindergarten. How sad they’ll be. What they need. How the school supply lists are crazy.

A couple are teachers and explained that they’re not provided funding for school supplies and they mostly buy what’s needed out of their own pockets.

I smugly posted (this is an online group of friends) that Duncan’s school is just asking for a supply fee and that they’ll take care of it all. I think it’s wonderful.

Except Duncan is going to 2 schools for Kindergarten (as public schools offer only a half-day program). And the private school does have a school supply list — for both Duncan and Berry.

What strikes me the most is that they’ll need a lot of glue. Each child needs 2 boxes of glue sticks with a minimum of 4 glue sticks per box. That’s 8 sticks of glue for one child in 10 months, almost 1 stick of glue per month. What will they be gluing? The 2 reams of paper? The $20 of paper towels (I only have to buy 1 roll and write a check for $20 for the rest).

Berry also gets 2 bottles of liquid glue. I should warn them about the glue puddles she likes to make. And maybe buy some extra. πŸ˜‰ Fortunately, to go along with the glue, they also request a box of wipes.

I’m happy to buy them whatever they need. We keep a craft closet (which has now spread into Duncan’s bedroom closed) well stocked with craft supplies. But the amount of glue is striking.

The other point on which I differed from my mommy friends was the “I’m going to cry when my baby gets on the bus!” Not only will there be no bussing to school πŸ™ (I’d be happy about that) I’m not sure there’ll be any crying on my part.

I’m excited for my kids to grow up. I love watching them grow, guiding them and helping them (slowly) learn how to become happy, functional adults. I’m not really sad that the baby years are behind them. They were fun while they lasted – great, exhausting fun.

And now we’re onto something new.

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  1. my first born – is 18 in less than 2 weeks…. and like you I allowed him to grow and be himself…. always look forward to the next stage sis xx

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