General rambling update

Yes, yes, I’ve been meaning to blog. And to call and write and say hello and get back to a million people lately. And there’s no reason I shouldn’t have except that I’ve been terribly distracted by the little growing human inside my belly.

I have lots of preggy pics that I still haven’t posted. I finished painting the bathroom and we assembled the crib in its newly-purple room – and no, I haven’t shared those pics either.

Part of it is that sometimes I just feel like complaining about stuff – my allergies suck, my legs hurt, my belly is growing and it pulls on my back, he moves SO MUCH after lunch that it’s really hard to get any work done.

And while I may want to post about my baby showers, I also really don’t want to offend anyone if I happen to say something about a gift they may have gotten us that we’re really not into. Or go on a rant about how many stuffed toys we’re collecting that are going to be completely useless to little D until he’s 5 and by then they’ll be so covered in dust that… I guess that’s why there are Christmas toy drives.

I don’t want to sound ungrateful. Or pissy. Or whiny. And for the most part I’ve been feeling pretty good and getting stuff done. Just not good enough to have energy left over to post about it.

Oh, and I haven’t been writing about American Haldol/Idol because I decided I really don’t want to rip on Scott Savol and his Band of Trolls in Support of Domestic Violence every week. I will say, though, that I came up with the conspiracy theory a good day or two before there was an article about it in USA Today (which I can no longer find or I’d link to). Anyway, he’s out so I can keep watching the show. See, I didn’t want to get mean. Oh well.

So that’s the general, rambling update. Hope it was enlightening, at least on some small level.

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  1. Very rambling. 😉

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