There’s just one full week of school left, plus 1.5 days. Then it’s over until after Labor Day.

It’s always an adjustment on both ends of summer — getting into the new, more laid-back routine of vacation and then going back to school in the fall.

We have a long list of possible summer activities in a Google doc, and I’ve been trying to break them down into attainable goals and doable projects. What are the things I want the kids to do? Go outside, read, be active, learn stuff, have fun, play.

So here’s what I’ve got so far for goals. More on each one later:

  • Visit every park in Eugene
  • Learn to ride bikes
  • Spend 60 minutes outside every day
  • Learn – reading, science, math, art, cooking, crafting
  • Make 1 new recipe every week
  • Keep a summer journal (could be this blog)
  • Read our way through the OBOB book list
  • Swim at least once a week