Gardening for the baby

We’ve been having some beautiful weather.

Personally, I kinda love the weather, whatever it is. And even if I don’t loooove it (because it’s February and really cold and icky), it’s just weather. It’ll change.

But the spring air, the breeze, the sunshine. Aaahhh. Makes me want to sit outside all day long. Not that I do that, but I want to. We do make an effort to get outside and go for walks (we = me and Duncan) and there has been a bit of gardening going on.

When we moved into this house and decided to get rid of all the grass, well, we were living our pre-baby life. We weren’t even married. We were two, practically single folk (or just removed from singleness), ready to rip up the grass, build rock walls, cover things in gravel and make flowerbeds in the middle of the lawn.
Fast forward a couple of years. Add a baby who immediately crawls to the edge of the lovely blanket you put him on in the backyard. Gravel = major choking hazard.

So the gravel path has been replaced by grass. Thanks to our neighbors who scalped a big patch of their yard in favor of mulch and a swing set for their little girl. And thanks to the City of Rochester’s materials give back program (and some folks on Rochester freecycle who told me about it).

The misplaced flowerbed is no more, either, replanted in the rock wall garden in the front (that’s not going anywhere!) and sown with clover seed. We still don’t like grass.