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I’ve been woefully ignoring my blog again. Must be too busy picking weeds out of the garden.

OK, so I’m not yet a master composter. I was a bit desperate for soil to fill in a new bed, so I used compost that hadn’t been properly heated, and was full of maple tree seeds, and so ended up with about a million weeds to pull out of a 9 square foot space.

In other garden news, my garden is lush, green and delicious. After making 5 rhubarb cakes — and still givin some rhubarb away — I’ve moved on to sampling lettuce, spinach and herbs. The spinach is so good I like to pick a leaf and eat it right off the plant. I’ve got to keep my energy up for all the weeding, after all.

My pole beans didn’t come up well — too much cold, wet weather right after I planted them. So I replanted and only half came up. So I’ll replant the other half. Again. The straw potatoes are growing like crazy. I’m not sure I’ll be able to build an enclosure high enough for them to keep adding straw to! Pictures would help to illustrate what I mean.

I don’t think we’ll be getting much from the strawberry plants this year. I’ve picked a dozen juicy, sweet berries, and I see a few more forming, but it doesn’t look like much. Shame. They’re lovely.

I feel like I should have some great recipes for what to do with my bounty. The spinach I’ve mostly been making into salads (with the lettuce), although I did sneak a few leaves into grilled cheese sandwiches one lunch time. Yum. I have secret plans for all the herbs, but mostly I chop them up into sauces and salad dressings. Not very thrilling to read about, but very good to eat.

And that’s about it for garden news for now.

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  1. Gardening is really interesting. I was recently given delphinium seeds by my friend but I certainly have no idea how to start? Can you help me on these? The weather here ranges from wet to dry and back again. Our weather seems to be always like that of spring when it’s wet and it’s not too hot here on summers. 🙂

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