First haircut and first steps

He’s a baby no more.

Yesterday, he had his first haircut. I think he looks 3 years old now.

Today, he took his first steps. Towards mummy. 🙂 It was totally unexpected and I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. But then he repeated it several times. It’s not walking. It’s more of a Look-I’m-So-Excited-Standing-Here-Holding-This-Wet-Washcloth-I’m-Going-To-Walk-Towards-You! Then he takes a step or two and lunges into my arms.

He’s also suddenly cruising along everything. Just up and down the couch and credenza, over to the neglectomatic (what’s its real name? An exersaucer?). It’s nuts. Anyway, first steps, first haircut, baby no more. Here are some photos.

Before – playing outside in the playpen with a friend

After the haircut. He was pretty tired at this point and getting cranky. I took some more today, along with possibly some video of cruising and “walking” which I need to download off the camera and peruse.

I’m just still in a bit of shock that he took his first steps while I was right there watching. I’d believe it more if someone else told me about it, I think. Glad they didn’t have to, though.