First days of school

Diving into school time hasn’t been much of a shock for Duncan and Berry. They were already going to summer school for the past month, so the morning routine remains the same.

And, even though it’s not the first time going to school for either of them–as they were at Montessori school all last year–the obligatory first day of school photos were taken.

We were running late, of course. And Berry wasn’t in a good mood. Duncan was fine, but he decided to pretend to be grumpy in solidarity with his sister.

The boy also gives good cuddles:

However, once we were at school and got them into the before-school classroom to play, Berry was all smiles and happiness:

A highlight of back to school times are ice cream socials. With 4 kids in 4 different schools, we ended up with 3 ice cream socials to go to. I was too busy to take pictures at Duncan’s and Adam went alone to Emma’s (same day, different time). But we all made it out to Sam’s, after school one day last week.

Everyone eagerly gathered to get the smiley face on their hand which allowed them access to ice cream!

Post-ice cream faces:

Post-ice cream playground playing:

And then I was chased back to the car, under threat of being tickled by Emma.