Fine, I’ll make some bloody New Year’s resolutions

I haven’t made official New Year’s resolutions in a few years. I figured I got most of them out of the way when I was 12. There was a lot of “believing in myself, being a good friend to myself, etc.” All very good and true and useful. What more do I need?

So I’m keeping it simple. And not publishing this until tomorrow when the buzz from the entire glass of wine I drank with delicious dinner has worn off. The home page to this website declares that I’m a fantastic cook — and it is true. I love food.

Two resolutions:

  1. Reduce my sugar intake.
  2. Increase my exercise.

How will I accomplish these resolutions?

Reduce sugar intake

I don’t honestly eat a lot of added sugar. I cook from scratch. I don’t eat a ton of desserts. Sometimes I’ll cook desserts — usually for monthly family dinners. But they get eaten by people other than me. I have a portion. Or two.

I don’t eat candy. Chocolate gives me headaches (I know, what a life, right?). Sugar makes me cranky.

And yet I know I’m still consuming too much.

So, what does this mean?

  • Less sugar in my tea (1/2 tsp perhaps?)
  • Less cups of tea in my day (green tea with honey instead)
  • Less desserts, even homemade
  • Use sweeteners that don’t affect me as much — agave and honey, applesauce and bananas in baked dishes
  • Generally eat less refined carbohydrates, which can be tricky on a gluten-free diet, as a lot of gluten-free stuff seems very starchy and white
  • Eat more protein (this could be a resolution in itself)

Increase exercise

The basement treadmill desk

Aaagggggh. OK. I can do this.

I’ve got a treadmill desk set up in the basement downstairs. Essentially, it’s a computer monitor mounted on the wall, with a wooden board over the treadmill handles where the keyboard and mouse go. It’s cool. It works. I can spend 1-2 hours on there going at 2.5 mph working away.

But it is in the dark, windowless (finished) basement.

And I should probably get some aerobic exercise.


  • Create treadmill desk in my bright, airy upstairs office.
  • Go running 3 mornings a week after dropping the kids off at school.
  • Take a yoga or NIA class 2 mornings a week. I have an unused Groupon that expired, oh, last February.

My body needs movement. And I clearly need to burn calories and up my metabolism. It’s not going to start burning higher on its own.

So there you go.

Oh wait, I did make resolutions this year

I thought I’d blogged my 12-year-old resolutions once, but I think I used them in a church sermon. While searching for them, however, I came across the resolutions I made at the beginning of April.

How did they fare?

  • This year the fruit will grow – yes, it did. We got apples this year. Maybe next year plums and pears as well?
  • I will spend more time in the garden – um, maybe. It’s hard to quantify that one.
  • I will keep running – hmm….I did for a while. Then I got laid off and it rudely interrupted my whole exercise routine. See resolutions for 2014, though.
  • My back will be strong – Yes! My back has been awesome!
  • I will ride my bike – Well, no. I have excuses, though. It does a weird tugging thing when I brake.
  • The kids will ride their bikes and progress beyond flailing and training wheels – Ahahahahah. No. We went sledding, though.
  • I will pick the lettuce before it goes bitter – Yes. What lettuce that I planted that grew, yes.
  • I will make jam – Oh, so much jam! Everyone got jam for Christmas.
  • I will gently address the past emotional trauma that’s still holding on – working on it.
  • I will play more music – Yep. 🙂 very happy about that.
  • I will cultivate cheerfulness – I think so. Not always, but generally.
  • I will love my family well – I certainly loved them a lot. Did I do it well? Not always. But there’s a lot of love going around this house.