Feeling knitty

It’s time for my 2012 round up. Of knitting.

I meant to post about each project as I finished it. But I didn’t — at least not consistently. So here’s a look back at all the things I knitted in 2012.


Girl's knitted skirt
Berry models her new skirt

A skirt for Berry

I can’t remember where I found the pattern to this skirt now. But I modified it, anyway. 😉 I made this from leftover yarn for Berry who, at the time, was obsessed with skirts. I think it’ll fit her for a few years, so perhaps she’ll actually get some wear out of it.



Cat sweater

A sweater for Duncan

I really should pay attention to where I get patterns from. This came from a pattern I found at a local store. It has a cat on the front and a mouse on the back left shoulder.

What I love about Duncan’s appreciation for my knitted clothing is that he wears them all the time. 🙂

I used a sport weight yarn for this sweater in Duncan’s favorite color — red. The cat yarn was leftover yarn from a train sweater that my mum made him (that he also still wears often).


Another skirt for Berry

Crazy skirt

She was still into skirts when I started on this one. It took me ages. Probably because I modified the pattern (again) to make it fuller.

Initially loved, skirt is now forgotten in drawer.

The yarn is a thin cotton (which makes it quit heavy and why it took

ages to knit) that’s leftover from making Duncan’s babbette blanket.

This skirt is also quite large in the waist and has some stretch so hopefully she’ll wear it a bit when she gets back into skirts again. (She wore two this weekend — at the same time, of course — so there’s still hope.)



Berry’s wedding cardigan

I didn’t have a lot of expectations of the kids for our wedding. I wanted them to be there, clean (or recently showered/bathed) in generally-coordinated clothing. They had no other responsibility. I think our expectations were just about right. 🙂

I made this cardigan for Berry to wear at the wedding. It’s come out one or twice since then.

I actually bought yarn for this — although only a few balls of Lily’s sugar n cream cotton yarn were needed. I got the patten from the Lion Brand yarn website, I think. (I will start keeping better track this year!)



Clothes for Hello Kitty

Berry earned a trip to Build A Bear by generally being good (there was an elaborate points system set up that I have since fallen down on). And she got a Hello Kitty for her efforts. She also purchased clothing at the time — a mermaid outfit, I believe — which was probably quickly removed, as all her dolls and toys must apparently be naked.

So when the kids when to visit their Dad for a few weeks, I made Hello Kitty some clothes – a requested bikini. She wore it for a while, but is now once again naked.


A sweater for Arthur

Arthur is my cute little nephew, right between the ages of Duncan and Berry, who lives in France. I decided to carry on my mum’s tradition of making sweaters for the kids and grandkids and that it was time for him to have a new sweater.

I got the pattern at the same time as I got Duncan’s kitty sweater pattern. He requested the colors blue and green. This is a microfiber yarn that was nice and soft to knit with. Reports are that Arthur likes the sweater and I can only presume that he wears it every single day.






A cardigan for Emma

I didn’t want sweet Emma to feel left out, so I made her a cardigan. The main body was from stashed yarn whose origins I can no longer recall. I purchased the sparkly red for the ribbing — partly for contrast and partly because I didn’t think I had enough stashed yarn.

I got the gauge completely wrong the first time I started this sweater and had to unravel it all and start again while we were on our honeymoon in July. The second time, I think I made it a bit on the small side. The good thing about having a million children at home is that you can pass down clothing —

especially the handknitted stuff I spend hours and hours making with my own two little knitty hands.

Also, blocking it before sewing it would have been a good idea. I have since learned my lesson.



Sometime in the fall

“But, Joanna!” I hear you saying. “You knit for everyone else but not for yourself!” You deserve some knitted deliciousness, too!

I agree. So I finally finished this scarf I started months earlier. It’s a simple pattern — a wave that I found in one of my knitting books.

I took a while finding the yarn. I wanted something that I could wear with multiple coats, especially my olive green wool coat, my teal rain coat and purple spring coat. This one works. Plus it’s soft.

I knitted a lot of this scarf sitting in meetings. It’s a good, repetitive pattern that let me knit without getting overly confused more than a few times and wasn’t distracting as I fumbled for pieces of paper.





A sweater for me!

And because a scarf wasn’t enough, I decided to make myself a sweater. I decided on this cable pattern from Lion Brand. And, look, I’ve started adding my projects to Ravelry so I can remember where the pattern came from and link to it!

I have a few issues with this top. I made it shorter than the pattern called for (it looked too long) so it’s actually a bit short. And it’s too wide at the waist. At the very least, I need to take it in at the sides to make it wearable. Oh, I also made the sleeves too long because I wasn’t paying attention.

What I’d like to do it lengthen it, but haven’t the slightest idea how to do that. I’ll figure it out eventually. Other than that, I like it.


Christmas socks for Christopher

My brother, Christopher, bought this yarn for me as a Christmas present years ago. My mum made me a gorgeous sweater from it. I still wear it at least twice a year. I made these socks from the leftover yarn (about 2 skeins), with the black heel, toe and ribbing from my mum’s stash that came all the way from England, through Barbados and Florida to Oregon.

Christopher joked about my mum’s yarn stash at her memorial service. And knitting is one way I stay close to her and carry on her legacy. So it only seems right to make him a pair of socks with her yarn for Christmas, especially as it was originally a Christmas gift to me.

I miss my mum every day and like to do little things that keep her and my memories of her alive. It’s been fun knitting these socks and I finally finished them today.


And that’s it for my knitting year in review. What’s in store for 2013? Some things on the list:

  • Finishing this Child’s Library Cardigan for Berry
  • Socks for Duncan (he’s already chosen the yarn)
  • Socks for Arthur
  • Socks for Adam
  • Daybreak shawl for me
  • Sweater for Duncan
  • Whatever else takes my fancy

Happy knitting in 2013!