Expressing his Eugene style

After we moved here — and after he met his friend, Max, at school — Duncan declared that he wanted to grow his hair long, like Berry’s. I think this desire is partly because he has a couple of friends at school with long hair and also because Berry gets to put pretty things in her hair and have ponytails and be fussed over.

In any case, he’s stuck with it. I think I gave him his last shearing in Rochester. He has refused the scissors since then. I’ve managed to trim his bangs a few times and lighten up his locks a little, but any real trimming has been refused.

A few weeks ago, I asked Duncan if he’d like to go to the hairdresser and have his hair neatened up a bit. At first he thought I was talking about my hairdresser in Rochester who he’d been to a few times. He didn’t want to do that again (I don’t know why, he seemed to enjoy it at the time). I explained that he could go to Nanny’s hairdresser at the Cuttin’ Corral and that her hairdresser is a girl. I figured he’d like all the horseshoe drawer handles if nothing else.

He seemed interested. Then asked, “Is she pretty?” I assured her that he was, then kept forgetting to actually make the appointment.

Last week, while he was still recovering from pink eye – well enough to no longer be contagious, but still too pink to be at school, he stayed home for the morning with Nanny while Berry reluctantly went to school on her own. Nanny had a hair appointment already booked — but was able to fortuitously get him an appointment, too. So off they went for a little Nanny/Duncan pampering time. 🙂

He looks a little pensive here:

But seems to be happy with the results:

I’m thrilled he’s been neatened up, while still keeping the long look he desires. Will he get to grow it as long as Berry’s? Considering that she’s declared she wants to grow it down to her bottom so that it keeps her back warm…probably not.