Enjoying moments of good weather (and other things)

It’s taken me until Thursday to blog about the weekend. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

Pre-weekend for some reason, Berry ended up with a pirate eye patch.

Given the current enjoyment of the pirate eye patch and it’s appearance on Dora, Berry and even Minnie Mouse, I’ve decided that Duncan’s birthday party will be a Pirate Dora party. I found Pirate Dora invitations (online, free) which clinched the deal.

On Saturday, I took the kids to a park by the river (which we refer to as River Park, whether or not that’s its actual name. There was lots of playing and only one scraped knee. Unfortunately, my phone battery died shortly after arriving so I couldn’t capture much of Berry in her blue leopard print polyester dress. If anyone can pull that off, she can.

Duncan really enjoyed figuring out how this sand wheel worked.

Sunday afternoon turned warm and sunny, so the kids took advantage of the weather to run around in swimsuits and underwear.

This is what happens when you ask Berry to pose for the camera.

Finally, one of our projects over the weekend was to make house rules posters – for Adam’s house and ours. I interviewed all the kids, finding out what behaviors they don’t enjoy from each other, then phrased each one in a positive way. Asking for the behavior we do want seems like it might be more successful than simple saying what we don’t want.

There are nine rules. That leaves me an extra one for the thing I’m bound to have forgotten. The top “rule” is the Golden Rule, which is really what it’s all about.