Duncan’s idea of heaven

Remember the baby wrap I made?

Well, I made it way too long. So I cut a piece off to make a pouch sling. As it turns out, the sling is also a little bit too long (according to the instructions at wearyourbaby.com it’s only supposed to come down to your navel, not your hips – I bet it’d be easier on the back to have his weight a bit higher up, too).

But, I think Duncan loves it.

I also think that his true idea of heaven is something I didn’t take a photo of – being in the sling and latched onto my nipple at the same time. He’s tried it out already. As soon as I put him in it, the proximity to his food source was just too much and he started rooting, looking for food. So I latched him on and went and did some laundry while he was in baby bliss. Then, when he’d had enough, he let go and fell fast asleep, where he remains as I type this.

He’s got a bit of a snoring thing going on, though. I think he’s congested, but using saline nasal drops and the aspirator hasn’t seemed to have cured him of it yet.

In any case, here he is on the left – front view and top view. I would like my brother to note that I am attempting to smile in the first photo (I’m probably smiling in the second one too), it’s just feels silly to smile while taking a picture of yourself.

In other news, we tried out our Snugli carrier this morning when we went for a walk to the mail box. (There’s nowhere to leave the outgoing mail securely outside our house where it won’t blow away in a strong gust of wind.)

Mr. D also enjoyed that experience, falling asleep after a while. No latching on and eating there, though.

We’re all going to venture forth and do some errands this afternoon, and tomorrow is my first outing alone with Duncan — to a baby shower, no less.