Duncan’s dream

Fortunately, I spare you from the retelling of my dreams. Duncan told me a long and somewhat complicated dream this morning and then insisted that I write it down. Given that I had just woke up upon the first telling, I asked him to repeat it. Here’s that version:

Duncan’s dream

Did you know there’s those crab claws without crab claws> If you have your hands or feet or both in the water, those crabs grab on.

So I called for Cole. He said, “I’m here.”

I said, “Where are you?”

He said, “I’m in the cave.”

I didn’t want to go in there because there was a bear in there and I was scared. And then the bear woke up and he chased Cole out of there. Everybody ran away.

And then somebody came and turned the water into sand.

And then we went inside that thing where you can dance where there’s a trampoline. And it has that picture that you’re going to dance on and it can change into a different picture if you’re going to do a different dance.

Berry did her noisy dance so that’s why there’s a trumpet making noise.

And I did my squid dance. Actually, jelly fish dance. And that’s why there was a jelly fish and a normal fish right next to it.

Cole did his booby dance so he went like this: booby booby boo-by, booby booby boo-by.

And we danced until the music stopped. Berry went around in circles and around in circles and around in circles until she got all dizzy and then the music stopped. They heard her say she got all dizzy and so they stopped the music when she said, “I’m dizzy.”

So then, everybody untapped the picture so whoever did their dance, we gave it to them.

And now the bear is friendly. He just didn’t want anybody to have dirt. The person who had dirt, he didn’t want to come in. But now he’s friendly and he’ll let everybody in his cave.

The End.