Duncan’s birthday party #1

Duncan had his first 5th birthday party last Saturday. It was a hit — a loud, chaotic, hot hit.

It was also the first time I attempted to do some organized party games. That went mostly OK – with most guests participating, at least to some extent. Given that the birthday party theme was officially Dora (and pirate Dora at that), we did a Pin the Tail on Swiper game and then a Treasure Hunt game.

The great treasure at the end was a Dora birthday cake and ice cream.

I looked into cake pans shaped like Dora, but ultimately decided on a 2-layer round chocolate cake with strawberry jam filling. Drawing and filling in Dora’s head was about the most I could manage. Coming up with natural food colorings for her entire outfit seemed beyond my current capabilities. So I made a Dora cake. And then she was devoured, much like the Minnie Mouse cake last year.

Duncan made out like Swiper with all the Dora presents he got. There was a Dora mermaid (that you wind up so she swims around the bath), a little princess Dora, Dora clothes, a Dora bubble wand, a Dora ball and bat, a Dora keychain for his Dora backpack for school…

I hope he keeps liking Dora for a while. He’ll be bereft of clothing and toys if he ever breaks up with her.

The kids leave for Rochester on Monday for 3 weeks and Christopher and Arthur leave on Tuesday. Last Sunday we went to the Oregon Country Fair (pictures from that will be forthcoming soon). And I’m moving the chickens over to their new home at Adam’s today. Wish us luck with all of that. 😉