Duncan makes a movie

Duncan loves my Droid. I can’t blame him, so do I. He also loves Dora. What better way to combine his loves than with a video featuring some of his favorite things?

He also has a habit of wandering off with my phone, taking pictures and videos of seemingly random things. I found this video on my phone. It’s a little dizzying, but it’s so Duncan.

The other day at bedtime, Duncan (or Nanny, I’m not sure which) put an eye patch on Dora. She was already wearing a tutu from Berry’s baby’s outfit. I think a Pirate Dora movie is in the works!

And, just to prove how much Duncan adores Dora, here they are together having a nice cuddle at nap time.

From 2010-05 May

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  1. Pirates are ALWAYS good!

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