Duncan has a cousin!

Arthur Aubrey Alfred Bartlett was born this morning at 10:48 am Durban time. He’s 53 cms (21″) and weighs 3.2 kg (7.05 lbs) and was a week before his due date. So far he has blue eyes and black hair (which is pretty much what Duncan looked like, and is also like Arthur’s dad, my brother).

No pics yet.

I’m so…I don’t know the words. Excited, but overwhelmed. I want to rush to the hospital to see him, but I can’t. They’re in South Africa.

I want to help them get settled with their new baby (you know, completely interfere ;), but my sister-in-law has her own family coming to visit for that. I want to hold and snuggle that little new born boy.

I adore Duncan now. He’s 8 months of fun and exploration. But I miss his tender newborn-ness already. That little scrunched up face, soft skin, tiny hands. Hands that had not yet learned to grab, pull hair, stick fingers in my mouth and explore up my nose. Especially when nursing. (I already ordered a nursing necklace. I’m just waiting for it.)

That wonder and joy and hesitation and anxiety all wrapped up into one. Being amazed that he’d just keep breathing, being afraid to look away just in case he somehow forgot (like I could have reminded him anyway). Of doing entirely new things — for both of us. Learning together. I guess we still are, there are just a bunch of things that aren’t so brand new anymore. Like diaper changes where he manages to successfully clear everything that’s on top of the dresser in the course of his twisting, grabbing and wrigging around.

I think I’m just reminiscent. Reminiscing. Whatever. I’m thrilled Arthur is here. My hope is that the cousins will get to somehow grow up together, knowing each other (maybe through the Web cam?).