Defining features

Whenever I show people pictures of Duncan, they comment on his ears – how cute they are, how much they want to nibble them.

Is it because I’m his mum that I’m immune to his sticky-out ears?

I guess I do notice them. When I’m holding him, I nibble on them myself. They’re just so tender and soft and sweet. But in photos, I don’t see them. Not as a defining feature, anyway. I look at his eyes. His sweet mouth (so much like Kevin’s). That button nose.

I do have a strong Duncan ear memory, though.

When he was born, those soft flaps went straight back and lay next to his skull. Like “normal” ears. I remember looking at them and thinking, well, he escaped the Curse of the Taillefer Ears! 🙂 And then the next day, they popped out and took their perpendicular position.

Shortly after, I read that infants’ ears aren’t the shape that they’ll likely end up. The cartilidge is still soft and will harden later. There’s hope, I thought.

And then I noticed that it’s not just my side of the family who have sticky-out mug handle ears, it’s the Gustina’s as well. Great. So much for that cartilidge finding its way closer to his skull.

That’s OK. He can pull it off. He’s got those gorgeous eyes to distract the eye. Those eyes whose color we have no idea of. Born baby slate blue…and now…? Brown specks around the pupil and the rest a grey-blue. Can you have brown-blue hazel? I guess we’ll find out.