Days with daddy

Duncan gets to spend his mornings with Daddy now that I’m back at work.

And Daddy keeps me entertained and my heart lifted with photos like these that arrive in my inbox with subjects like “Homework helper” and “Pacifier solution.”

It looks like Duncan is deep in thought as he ponders how to best write a sociology class essay on the positive aspects of peer pressure.

And while it may also look like the little guy is being held hostage by unknown forces weilding duct tape, I can assure you that when I got home and inspected the pacifier in question, some clever man had made sure there were no sticky pieces touching tender baby flesh.

It’s hard not being with him during the day.

It’s been a week and it hasn’t gotten easier.

I do feel good knowing that I’m leaving him with his dad in the mornings. It’s really good to see the two of them together, cuddling and waving me goodbye. I know he’s in good hands.

Pumping at work is going better. But the boy isn’t drinking the milk.

Smart baby, I have. He only wants milk straight from his mummy and pretty much just boycotts the bottle during the day. This means I’ve been driving home at lunch to feed him. Which I would do anyway right now as a whole day away from him is too long for me.

But it also means he’s a bit cranky when I’m not there as not only is he without his mummy (apparently his favorite person in the world now), he’s also without a food source. And he does like his food.

So we’re trying different bottles and different nipples. Our sitter even tried spoon feeding him, but he just spat it all back out. Mostly he just cries when you put a bottle in his mouth. Sometimes you think he’s going to relax and start sucking and drink the whole thing down, finally! But no. He changes his mind and lolls his tongue around and pushes the nipple out. And cries. It’s very sad.

However, he’s still sleeping well at night. (My main fear is that he’ll reverse his feeding cycle and want to eat every 3 hours at night.) And I haven’t had reports that he’s too unhappy during the day. But I’d like it to improve and I’d like to be able to not have to go home at lunch every day or worry that he’ll be half-starved by the time I get there.

And look, it’s about time to make the drive for another feeding.

One thought on “Days with daddy

  1. hey sis,
    motherhood, work and guilt go hand in hand. Whoever said that we can have it all was very wrong. There are only so many hours in a day. You can have a bit of all of it or all of some of it but not all of all of it. Duncan will be fine….He’s loved, healthy and will get used to a bottle!!
    Give him lots kisses and cuddles from his Antipodean rellies for us!!
    Jan, Jim and Charlie

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