Dating the Universalists

I’m determined to get some spiritual focus back into my everyday life. God knows I need the patience with a toddler and a pre-schooler. So the search for a Sunday morning sanctuary continues.

Last Sunday, the kids stayed home at the Church of Daddy (where they got to watch TV) while I checked out the Universalist church downtown.

I’ve been to the First Unitarian Church of Rochester a few times. It was a while ago — while I was still pregnant with Berry — and, though I liked it overall, I didn’t keep going. It has a lot going for it: a great Sunday school program and nursery, really nice people (quite a few of who I already know), and interesting sermons. But I just couldn’t get over the brutalist industrial architecture of the place. Cold, grey concrete just doesn’t inspire me and move me towards the divine. It wasn’t cozy at all.

The First Universalist Church, however, is small and cozy. Not too small that they don’t have childcare, though. If a church doesn’t have some kind of child care / nursery / Sunday school, I just can’t go to it regularly. Last Sunday, when I left without them, there was lots of screaming, clinging and crying as I tried to squeeze out the front door. Clearly, for whatever reason, they want to come.

I enjoyed the service at First Universalist — and the people. They were welcoming and friendly, without demanding to know my entire spiritual background. A good thing, since I’m fine talking about being an ordained Spiritualist minister, but not an in-your-face kind of person about it.

So I went back again yesterday. With the kids. And spent the entire service in the nursery as Berry wouldn’t let me leave the room. *sigh* Not even to go to the bathroom. Next week, I think Kevin might come with us to hang out in the nursery with them so I can flee and go to the service. In time, she might let me leave her side.

This does make it problematic to visit other churches, though. There’s the Church of Divine Inspiration that I’ve been to once before (years ago) and would like to visit again. They appear to have a Sunday school program, so I’d like to check that out. Plus, there are a couple of Unity churches in Rochester that I’ve heard good things about. It seems like I might be a spiritual gypsy for a bit longer.

One thought on “Dating the Universalists

  1. It took some time, but we eventually got Puck (now almost 2) to go in the nursery without needing his Mama. Just yesterday I heard him yell for me a couple of times (small church!) but the attendant was able to redirect him, and he was fine. I think if you go to nursery with her and start slowly cutting down the time you spend in there, eventually you’ll be able to drop her off and go enjoy!

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