Having a sick baby is no fun. Especially when he smears his snot all over his face, hair and mum and dad. So we’re sick too.

This week probably wasn’t the best to decide to start a diet. But I did.

Now I’m permanently hungry, tired from being sick (just a cold at least), and crabby from the previous two. I have to chair the church service tonight and deliver a lecture and I don’t feel particularly inspiring.

Nap time has been especially hard the last few days as he’s really tired, but congested and lying down seems to make things worse. However, he fights the nasal aspirator bulb thingie like a banshee. I probably wouldn’t want my snot/brains sucked out of my head, either. As much as I know it helps, even I hate using the Neti Pot these days. I’ve actually left him to cry for a few minutes until he falls asleep. I hate it. But it works. There’s 3-5 minutes of crying, then 45 minutes of sleeping. And a much happier baby (and less insane mummy) after the nap. Considering that he’ll just cry if I hold him anyway… poor guy. I love my little dude. I hope he feels better soon.

Time to read the Tao of Pooh and see if I find any inspiration there…

2 thoughts on “Cry baby

  1. Technically the 3-5 min. of crying is not CIO, according to my AP sources. 🙂 He’s just fighting what he knows he needs. (((HUGS))) Hoping he, and you, feel better soon!

  2. It’s not? Really? That makes me feel so much better. I just feel awful letting him cry, especially when he’s under the weather. But it seems like the only thing to do at times. If the AP folks are OK with it, I feel a whole lot less guilty.

    You know what’s funny though, when I read your comment, I first thought, Why does the Associated Press have anything to say about CIO? You know you’re a writer when AP means AP Style Guide… 😉

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