Crafty Mummy

I appreciate tastes that sway outside the mainstream. Perhaps the kids possess my eccentric gene. Perhaps they just like to be difficult. But finding children’s clothing that’s not boy=bashing things or is sleepwear in natural fabric isn’t easy

Duncan continues to love Dora. And he’s been wanting Dora pajamas for ages.

Berry, well, she loves being a princess. Which isn’t hard to find. Unless you want to find it in cotton.

During the summer, I decided to attempt sewing a couple of night dresses for her, as I couldn’t find anything in cotton. Emma saw them and asked if I’d make her one. So we went on a mission to the fabric store for material and a pattern and I whipped up a fall/winter night gown.

Then, of course, Duncan and Berry had to have some of their own. So off we went to the store, choosing nice warm flannel.

(As an aside, we were in the store, waiting for what seemed like hours to get the material cut. Duncan and Berry were playing around, being mostly well-behaved but a bit mischievous. A presumably well-meaning gentlemen suggested that I have two more children so that my hands would be completely full. I told him that I did, but that they were at home. Fortunately, he made no further comments.)

My sewing machine has been acting up, causing relentless frustration while I was making Emma’s nightgown. However, it must have been entranced by the princess pattern on Berry’s flannel fabric as it worked fine over the weekend.

Things went smoothly and quickly. Soon, I had a pair of sunny yellow Dora pajamas and a purple princess night gown. The debate continues on whether it features Princess and the Frog or Princess Jasmine.

I confess to making them both a bit on the big side. If they could last a couple of years (presuming Duncan still loves Dora next winter) I’d be delighted.