OK, so the real reason I didn’t blog about my gigs and how they really went was because I was vying for a record deal and wanted to sound as big and as successful as possible. Didn’t want any record execs coming on here and reading about the $12 I made in tips, the weird old guys that hit on me or lugging my PA system back to my car in below zero weather.

Had to create the hype, right? Not that there were any record execs. Not that there was any reason to worry. And maybe a bit more bluntness would have helped, anyway.

So that’s me, always trying to make a good impression and get people to think everythings just fine and going smoothly. Surprising I’ve been so honest with all this baby stuff, really. But it feels right to come clean and just be who I am.

Man, this whole reproducing a new human being changes things. Gives you a whole new perspective.