Clearly, I’m not very good at this

You haven’t heard from me in a little while because are lives are too busy to tell you about them. 😉

Seriously, life is full. So here’s a quick synopsis in photos and videos.

The weather is warming up nicely and we’ve been enjoying lots of time outdoors. What better place to drink chocolate milk than on a little bench outside?

From 2010-04-April
From 2010-04-April

On Saturday, the kids were delighted to be invited to a school friend’s birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese. Me? Not quite as delighted. No-fun-Mummy isn’t really a fan of Chuck-E-Cheese. Apparently, the kids have picked up on this.

When Duncan and I were talking about the upcoming birthday party (he was so excited he was shaking) he asked who was going to take them there.
Me: I’ll take you there, Duncan.
Duncan: But Mummy, you don’t like Chuck-E-Cheese?

I dropped them off, made sure they were settled in and knew to stay with the birthday girl, then ran an errand at Target next door. Then I returned in time to watch them eat cake, do some dancing to one of their favorite songs and generally maul Chuck-E when he came by.

From 2010-05 May

On Sunday afternoon, we had a friend from church over for a play date. This allowed her mom and Nanny to go to a house concert. It allowed me to get a taste of 3 children, ages 3 and 4, for 4 1/2 hours.

After lots of running around the backyard, feeding chickens, playing T-ball and making pretend food, they succumbed to this (it’s Dora, of course):

From 2010-05 May

We all survived intact. And now I’m into another week at work, which is incredibly busy as I’m covering for a coworker who is out sick and I’m on deadline for our donor news magazine. It’s ever interesting, just incredibly packed full of things to accomplish.

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  1. Aaron was invited to Chuck-E-Cheeses by the mother of one of his best friends from his “old” day care. Just the two boys and his friend’s mother. Jennifer and I have zero interest in having him spend time at Chuck-E-Cheese. We passed on the play date. I know that at some point he will be invited to a birthday party there, and then we will give in but for now, it is not a destination on our list. I might also add that other than Boomers (a local burger joint), he has never had fast food. Something we plan to uphold as long as we can.

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