Clean water and stuff

I admit I get most of my national news from The Daily Show, The Colbert Report and what Kevin shares with me from our local newspaper, the Democrat & Chronicle. (He reads the paper, tells me what he apparently thinks I need to know, then recycles it.)

But I’m still aware of things going on in the world. Like our need for clean water in many countries. Hell, we need clean water coming from our own tap!

The D&C had a story recently about water becoming contaminated with pharmaceutical drugs — from people throwing them out and from unmetabolized drugs in our urine. (Here’s a link to’s version of the story as the D&C thinks I’m going to pay for access to their archives.)

So when Dean Kamen was on the Colbert Report with his water distillation/purification device that he wants to put in place in third world countiees to eradicate disease, it blew me away.

I think it’s a tremendous idea. But also one that we need in this country. If there’s a way to get out all the crap that’s getting into our drinking water, why aren’t we incorporating it?

On a similar vein, I did get Diet for a Poisoned Planet from I started reading it. (I’m also vainly, if valiantly, trying to keep reading A New Earth.) Good God, what are we doing to our food supply, to the very things that sustain our lives? How did profit ever become a bigger motive than life?

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  1. Drinking water in the United States is some of the best in the world. If you are concerned about your local public water supply, call your Public Utilities or Public Works Department and ask them for a Water Quality Report. Also, ask them to tell you about pharmaceuticals in the water. There is a good chance that your water is cleaner than you think.

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