Church picnic, getting used to each other and going to the beach

It’s been almost a month since our “little” family has started living together full-time. By little, I mean me, Adam and four kids. Things appear to be going well.

We’re aware that there’s a honeymoon period at the beginning of every relationship. We’re hoping, of course, that it lasts indefinitely. Although, perhaps when the kids all start acting like siblings towards each other, that’ll be a good sign in it’s own way.

Last Sunday (the one before last, I guess), we went to the church picnic where Berry and Emma got their faces painted. Duncan didn’t want his face painted–until after he saw the girls’ faces and we were on our way home…

Duncan made this at summer school. Can you guess which cartoon character he is?

(I couldn’t. It’s Super Why.)

Here the monkeys are involved on one of their favorite activities: playing on the computer. They were playing a lemonade stand game and Berry decided to sit on Emma’s lap while they were waiting for the day to pass in the game to see how much lemonade they sold.

It’s much less mess than an actual lemonade stand.

On Sunday, we decided to go to the beach before summer was officially over, at Duncan’s behest. First, though, the kids had to form a rock band–well, the girls did, while the boys played on the computer.

I joined in on the mic and got Duncan going to at one point. It was fun. There is video proof on Adam’s website and YouTube.

Finally, we were ready to go and everyone climbed aboard the flowered minivan.

As soon as we got there, everyone leaped out and ran down to the ocean.

And I thought we were going to eat lunch first.

Instead, waves were jumped, caves were explored and cities were built on the shores of a trickle of water running down the beach. And my phone battery went dead so no more pictures were taken.

This week is back to school freak out week, where I learn about all the school supplies I haven’t yet purchased and scramble to get everything ready.