Changes, they are a-coming

Changes are probably coming to this lovely little, much neglected blog of mine.

Why? Why fix something that’s already broken? Well, I’m taking two courses this semester in a desperate bid to finish my undergraduate degree. One is Communication Through New Media and the other is a Capstone in Communications project.

Both involve looking like I know what I’m talking about when it comes to social media. So I thought I’d turn my blog into an awesome, I-know-what-I’m-doing commentary about the latest and greatest in all things sparkly and new media. It will garner me attention as a social media guru, communicator extraordinaire and online fundraising mogul. Or something like that.

I’ll also be launching (which currently points right to this blog, I think) and taking down (which I haven’t updated since I started a full-time job).

I’m not sure when exactly I’ll find time to be an awesome new media professional, since I can’t seem to find time to post pictures of cute children doing endearing and sometimes naughty things. And I haven’t yet figured out how I will reconcile my desire to talk about the little ones with the goal of presenting myself as a wonderful, ambitious professional.

How does everyone else do it?

Perhaps I’m better at accepting other people as multidimensional, whole people with lives full of family and professional aspirations, than I am myself. That probably says more about me than anyone else.

Or maybe I’m still haunted by being taken to task by a former boss about posting that I’d spent the past few months post-maternity-leave mostly staring out the window in a sleep-deprived state, missing my baby. (I started my own business, the aforementioned Earthscribe, shortly after that. It wasn’t my boss’ fault. He was a bachelor and had yet to experience parental yearnings.)

In any case, changes are a-coming. Let’s find out what they’ll be!