Today was the last day of school for the year and we were all home by noon.

I fed everyone lunch and managed to eat a couple of gluten-free waffle quarters with ricotta cheese and homemade strawberry jam myself. With a cup of tea, which I sorely needed after running the 3-legged race station at Field Day.  Imagine 11 times of “OK, I need 2 lines here, facing me, behind this pole. OK, this is the 3-legged race. Put the elastic bands around your inner leg, next to your partner. When I say ‘go,’ run around the cone and back. OK? Wait! Not yet! Wait for me to say ‘go.’ Ready. Set. Go!” So there was an hour of that.

I had a music rehearsal with a friend for a performance this Sunday, then it was all kids all the time.

Berry invited me and Emma to a party in the basement, charging us $1 (play money) each for entrance. I was the Guest of Honor, so I had/got to wear the unicorn horn. I later learned that I was the Guest of Honor because I had the largest cushion to sit on, the size of which was determined by the size of my bottom. Um, thanks?

20140617_163235A sumptuous feast was laid before us, which we attempted to eat (water soup and apples rinsed in slightly sudsy water) while we enjoyed a game of What’s Gnu (similar to Zingo, but where you make words with the letters). As the Guest of Honor I got to slide the thingy, which is actually an honor when bestowed by Berry, the size of my behind notwithstanding.

At some point, Duncan’s friend arrived to pick him up for a sleepover, so I excused myself to attend to those matters. His friend wasn’t impressed by my unicorn horn, unfortunately, so I dispiritedly removed it before going outside to talk to his mom about the arrangements (essentially: return my son sometime tomorrow, please).

Emma wandered off to other amusements, having finished her apple (which I paid $3 for, although I think that included the soup. Given that apples, even the non-organic ones are $1,99/lb at the supermarket at the moment, it was probably a fair price).

So Berry and I set upon a game of Mousetrap (as she couldn’t convince me to go for Adventure Time Monopoly. In retrospect, given how much I don’t like playing Monopoly, especially with children that get upset if I win any game, I have no idea why I ever thought it was a good idea to purchase the game to begin with).

Tea party. Still on the basement floor.

Now Mousetrap I remember fondly from my childhood. I spent hours getting it set up, turning the crank and trying to capture the poor little mice. I don’t think we often played the actual game — all the fun happens in the beginning anyway, putting the pieces in the place, and then you spend hours rotating around and around the trap/cheese hoping someone will finally win. Fortunately Berry eventually won, catching my poor, sweet blue mouse.

And then I cooked dinner (burgers, corn on the cob and potato salad, in case you’re wondering).

And I just realized I never did get Berry to clean up the tea party, although we did manage to put the games away.

She’s in the bath now and will inevitably start calling for me momentarily. In any case, I think this afternoon was an introduction to summer. Lots of playing random games, getting distracted and not cleaning up very well after ourselves.

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  1. Such good memories that reading this brings back – each one so precious. Good going Mommie! Thanks!

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